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Our lawmakers in Harrisburg have shown an appalling lack of interest in protecting the health and well-being of their constituents and colleagues, with legislators continuing to work around their staff after testing positive for COVID-19. I believe in science. As our state transitions to the new normal, I pledge to follow evidence-based approaches that will keep our communities safe. 


Reopening Pennsylvania and Small Businesses

This COVID-19 crisis has hit our local economies in unforeseen and tragic ways. While big chain stores have been given the support to operate through this pandemic, I’ve seen small businesses struggling to keep their doors open and their employees paid. I’m strongly in favor of a reopening plan that prioritizes local businesses. New commercial approaches will help our communities recover and provide a stronger commitment to the diversity of our local economies. 


Healthcare Reform and Nursing Home Crisis

This pandemic has highlighted the fundamental problems in our healthcare system. Everyone should have equal access to quality healthcare, and our state needs to build a system that prioritizes affordable preventative care. Nursing homes in Pennsylvania have suffered the highest death toll from COVID-19 in the state, and our most vulnerable citizens and the essential workers who care for them are still at risk. I’ll work to ensure that these facilities have the tools they need to provide safe and quality care to our disabled and elderly. 


School Safety

As a public school parent and member of the Owen J. Roberts School Board, I’ve been wrestling with the same tough questions about how to provide our children with the education they need while keeping them safe. We must invest in our public schools so that all students can thrive and pursue their passions. I support a reopening plan that is consistent with public health guidelines and takes the needs of working families into account.

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