I am running to be a legislator for everyone in this district, and that includes our family farms and agricultural regions of Chester County. Connection across communities is important to me, and working toward rural broadband access is one of my campaign’s key priorities. Our state is not doing enough to support the independent farms of Pennsylvania. We must make sure that farms are able to supplement their industry with innovative and stable sources of income, such as energy or agrotourism. I am committed to ensuring the success of future generations of farmers by increasing investment in Pennsylvania agriculture agencies and education. 

Rural Broadband

I strongly support efforts to increase rural

broadband access through greater state funding.

With more and more necessary services and

functions moving online, we have to make sure

all regions and populations — especially rural

areas — have broadband resources. The

coronavirus pandemic has further highlighted

the inequity in internet access across our state,

and I pledge to push for investments in our

infrastructure that will ensure widespread access.

The emergence of 5G presents new risks to

access, and I will work to oppose government

deregulation and make sure service providers

arerequired to provide equal access to all



Solar Projects and Fair Environmental Policy

I wholeheartedly endorse laws that would allow farms to lease their land for solar projects. We should be doing all we can to increase integration between agriculture and energy sectors in Pennsylvania — developing renewable energy sources will benefit both the economy and our environment. I will work for community solar legislation to allow these projects to move forward and local energy production to be distributed to local residents. The economic benefit to small farmers and the community make these projects a win-win for all of us. 


Additionally, we must reassess the current municipal stormwater management fees and ensure that agriculture properties are not disproportionately affected. I’m deeply committed to protecting our water quality and safety, but we need to make this regulation fair. I’ll work for common-sense changes to the fee structures, including making fees relative to the amount of impervious surfaces and providing grants to farmers who engage in conservation projects to reduce erosion and runoff. 


Investing in Agriculture

Agricultural agencies and research programs deserve our continued investment to support current and future generations of farmers. Agriculture is one of the most important businesses in our commonwealth, and without investment, our agriculture business cannot thrive, and our small and family farms will not continue. I support programs that will help local farm-to-table initiatives, and those that promote agricultural research and education.