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Education is one of my top priorities in this campaign. As a public school parent and a member of the Owen J. Roberts School Board, I’ve seen the shortfalls in our education system firsthand. It’s time for Pennsylvania legislators to act. Public Education is the single greatest investment we can make in the future of our Commonwealth. We need to ensure that each student in Pennsylvania has access to a high quality public education that provides a solid foundation for their future.


Funding Our Schools

​As a homeowner and a public school parent in the district, I understand the burden that property taxes place on our communities. I believe we must fund education at the state level and stop shifting the responsibility to over-taxed homeowners. Our state government continues to shortchange education, relying on local communities to raise property taxes to support their kids’ education. This not only puts an unfair burden on residents, it also leaves some school districts grossly underfunded. 


The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted how disproportionate allocation of school funding has created an even greater challenge, as school districts try to respond to the pandemic. Beyond the stopgap measures in response to the crisis, the legislature needs to fully fund schools and use the bipartisanly approved Fair Funding Formula to decrease disparities in resources between districts, ensuring that every student in Pennsylvania has access to the resources they need.


Higher Education 

​I am committed to making accessible, affordable, quality higher education a reality in Pennsylvania. We must put more investment into our state colleges and transition certain community colleges to four-year institutions so that more students have the opportunity to pursue a higher degree.

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