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If this public health crisis has taught us anything, it’s that we have to do more to ensure the health and well-being of all Pennsylvanians is protected. I will fight for a more integrated system in which people have freer access to affordable options, and I’ll pursue further investments in our healthcare infrastructure to make services more accessible. Healthcare should not cause bankruptcy, and our government should work to keep the costs of copays, services, and prescriptions down.

Accessibility and Affordability

Healthcare should be easier to navigate and access. Further integrations of services and investments in accessible preventative care will protect the wellbeing of Pennsylvanians and save taxpayer dollars. Sensible copays and caps on premiums are good for businesses and families alike, and working to ensure families and small businesses have affordable options is critical to our economic stability. We must also find affordable quality long-term solutions for our seniors so that every Pennsylvanian can age with dignity. I support the creation of a public option for health insurance in Pennsylvania. Patients should have a choice in their healthcare options, and the government should get behind these options to make them affordable and high-quality.


COVID-19 Response

It’s vital that we learn from the COVID-19 pandemic and put plans and resources in place so that our county health departments are ready the next time a crisis hits. We must improve our healthcare infrastructure and strengthen supply chain vulnerability so that all demands for medical supplies can be met at the local level.

Opioid Epidemic

Like many of you, I am deeply concerned about the toll the opioid epidemic has taken on our communities. Healthcare providers should continue to explore alternatives to opiate drugs, and we must put greater funding into prevention programs and treatment for those who have been affected by the epidemic. We must also provide our first responders with the tools and resources they need to address this crisis on the front lines.

Reproductive Rights

I believe that abortion is a personal decision between a woman, her family, her faith and her doctor. Given the recent overturn of Roe by SCOTUS it is clear that the states now play a particularly crucial role in protecting access to reproductive healthcare. In addition, I also believe we should invest in reproductive and sexual health education as well as preventive healthcare. Taking a proactive approach to reproductive and sexual health serves to reduce unplanned pregnancy and abortion while protecting and expanding reproductive autonomy. Additionally we must work to ensure that healthcare, childcare, and other critical services are affordable and accessible to all families.

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