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I am an advocate for environmental stewardship and green jobs. We must innovate and invest in green technologies to meet our economic, energy-related, and environmental needs. With strategic support at the state level, I believe we can help make renewable energy competitive and decrease subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. I will also fight for environmental protections to keep our natural resources safe and available to all.   We can work to phase out single use plastics and replace them with alternatives like hemp based products grown and manufactured in Pennsylvania, creating jobs and protecting our agricultural roots.


Environmental Protection and Safe Infrastructure

Protecting our environment is critically important for our economy, our health, and our quality of life in Pennsylvania. Smart environmental policy based on science protects the health and safety of our citizens and provides a clear roadmap for economic investment. I know that our watersheds are a vital local resource, and I’ll fight to ensure they are protected and remain safe and available to all of our residents.

Climate Change

Climate change is already resulting in intense and unpredictable natural disasters, changes in the health of our food crops, drought and water problems, and much more. We need to act now to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses and reallocate funding to create solutions that will strengthen both our ecosystems and the economy. I strongly support a transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. We must use the forces of the market, with assistance from our government, to make renewable energy competitive and able to meet our energy demands. On the local level, I will work to decrease our reliance on single-use plastic and innovate to create sustainable lifestyle alternatives.

Green Energy Policy

​I will advocate for a green energy policy that will balance the needs of our Earth with the energy demands of the 21st century. It’s time to place an extraction tax on the Marcellus Shale and remove state subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. We also need to transition away from fossil fuels through investments in green infrastructure, and renewable energy sources like wind and solar that create good-paying manufacturing jobs here in Pennsylvania and opportunities for our rural economies with jobs that can’t be outsourced or offshored. 


Renewable energy is the future for Pennsylvania. Green jobs provide a clean and reliable source of energy, reduce pollution in our communities, and make energy more efficient in our homes. Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy is a growth industry, and we must use the levers of government to incentivize job creation in the green economy.

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