For too long, Harrisburg has put the needs of Wall Street over Main Street. Paul will fight for good paying jobs in our communities, and he’ll work to ensure that small businesses have the support they need to thrive.

  • Support the creation of good-paying jobs in line with community needs

  • Prioritize small businesses as we rebuild the economy

  • Set a living wage across Pennsylvania and secure paid sick leave

  • Balance our budget through closing tax loopholes, not with reckless cuts


The COVID-19 crisis has clearly demonstrated the weaknesses in our healthcare infrastructure. Investing in and integrating our healthcare system will ensure better care, more coverage, and greater overall efficiency. To make healthcare accessible and affordable, Paul believes there must be investments in accessible preventative care, affordable copays, and caps on premiums and costs for services. Paul wants residents to have a public option for health insurance and believes patients should have the freedom to choose their healthcare services. 

  • Deliver accessible, affordable healthcare and a public option for health insurance in PA

  • Invest in preventative care, set affordable copays, and place caps on premiums

  • Improve healthcare infrastructure and supply, allocating resources for future crises

  • Increase treatment for those affected by the opioid epidemic, and invest in addiction prevention


Paul is the owner of PACE Environmental, an environmental testing and engineering firm, and he believes in science-based policy to combat climate change and create a greener economy. Paul supports a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy by incentivizing green jobs and making renewable energy more competitive. Paul is dedicated to protecting the well-being of our communities and will work for policies that support open spaces, along with clean air and water.

  • Transition from fossil fuels toward renewable energy by removing state subsidies for the fossil fuel industry and making renewable energy competitive 

  • Incentivize green jobs to reduce pollution and make energy more efficient in homes

  • Prioritize open spaces, clean air and water for all our communities

  • Work to phase out single use plastics


As a member of the Owen J. Roberts School Board and public school parent, Paul is passionate about education. He will pursue full and fair funding for school districts and work to close the budget gaps that place children of color and children in poor communities at a disadvantage. Paul is an advocate for increasing our investment in higher education so students can attend college without going into crippling debt. 

  • Increase funding and deliver equitable school funding 

  • Address high local property taxes

  • Enact more oversight and regulation of charter schools, particularly cyber charters

  • Increase accessibility and affordability of higher education


Agriculture is a vital and vibrant industry in Pennsylvania, and prioritizing rural issues is important to Paul. The agricultural community in Chester County has been steadily shrinking in recent years, whether in terms of the number and size of farms, or share of the county made up of farmland. The character of our state is at stake, and Paul is committed to fighting for family farms and local agriculture businesses. In addition to supporting the agriculture industry, he knows we must strengthen our rural communities by investing in infrastructure and making government services available and accessible to everyone in the district.

  • Increase access to rural broadband

  • Create fair environmental policy & storm-water regulation

  • Support land leasing for solar projects

  • Protect state agriculture and invest in family farms that grow food we eat vs industrial farms producing crops for federal subsidies


Pennsylvania has been one of the most gerrymandered states in the country, and too many of our policy decisions have been informed by bad-faith partisanship and political gains at the expense of taxpayers and communities.  

Paul believes in reforming campaign finance, ending gerrymandering, and establishing term limits to improve transparency and accountability from elected officials. He’s committed to making voting easier and more accessible, and knows we must allow communities to vote together and stop them from being split up for partisan interests. 

  • Create transparency and accountability in government

  • Demand fair representation and an end to gerrymandering

  • Establish term limits for legislators for greater accountability and responsiveness

  • Make voting and voter registration more accessible