Shifting priorities, our response to the Covid-19 crisis.



The biggest challenge facing families, our state government and our nation will be the recovery from the Covid-19 virus and its economic aftermath.  The economic impact will have a dramatic effect on the state economy and especially hard hit will be hospitality, small business, agriculture, and employees who lost income or have become unemployed as a result of the crisis.  The quick short-term relief programs put into place by federal and state governments will not be the full solution.  Long term thoughtful and targeted strategies will need to be enacted to meet the demands of specific communities and industries and must help working families and businesses recover and emerge financially healthy. This will be my first priority in Harrisburg.



The healthcare infrastructure and supply vulnerability that was exposed during this crisis and must be improved, it is vital we learn from this crisis and enact plans and allocate resources to respond rapidly to a crisis in the future- demands for medical supplies locally must be met and our local county health departments must be ready for a crisis in the future. 

Healthcare affordability – we must continue to work with all stake holder to provide affordable healthcare options in the Commonwealth.  Caps on premiums and co-pays that make sense are good for business and families alike.  Working to ensure families and small business have affordable options is critical to our economic stability. 



Our schools were closed and our students missed a significant portion of the spring semester.  The crisis has highlighted how disproportionate allocation of school funding and the inequities of Pa public education have created an even greater challenge in some school districts to respond to the covid-19 crisis. Beyond the stop gap measures in response to the crisis the legislature needs to make significant changes to ensure equity in education and access to technology for all our kids. We must fully implement the fair funding formula and reform charter school funding.  We must properly fund education and stop shifting the burden to local property tax.  Pennsylvania ranks dead last in the disproportionate funding of schools in the United States, fixing this is a high priority. 



The lessons learned from the COVID -19 crisis should make it even more obvious how closely our communities are tied together, what effects one of us effects all of us. Protecting our environment is critically important for our economy, our health, and the quality of life in Pennsylvania. The science is not partisan, smart environmental policy based on science ensures the health and safety of our citizens and provides a clear roadmap for economic investment. 


Policy over Politics is the essence of my candidacy to become the next Representative for the 26th House District in Pennsylvania. Too much of our policy is informed by political and party considerations and not local community needs. I believe sound policy that is reflective of shared values and considerations of our local community will lead to sound government actions. It is policy that dictates the action of government agencies, not political speech. Too many of our politicians are "for" the environment, or great public education or tax property reform, but how do they vote? What policies have they put forward? What legislation have they drafted or sponsored?


We need a new approach to the office of State representative. When elected, I plan to build an office team with three principles in mind: 

  • Constituent Advocacy – Helping individuals navigate government

  • Community Advocacy – Fighting for our community in Harrisburg

  • Legislative Advocacy – Sponsoring and writing meaningful legislation