Education is one of my top priorities in this campaign. As a public school parent and a member of the Owen J. Roberts School Board, I’ve seen the shortfalls in our education system firsthand. It’s time for Pennsylvania legislators to act. I’m committed to increasing investment in our public schools and closing funding gaps to give children of all backgrounds equal access to quality education. It makes no sense to me that Harrisburg is able to control our schools while cutting education funding, leaving us alone to make up the difference through unaffordable property taxes. Putting more state funds into our schools is not only the right thing to do, but it is an investment in Pennsylvania’s future. 


Investing in Our Schools

As a homeowner and a public school parent in the district, I understand the burden that property taxes place on our communities. I believe we must fund education at the state level and stop shifting the responsibility to taxpayers. Our state government continues to cut funding to education, relying on local communities to raise property taxes to support their kids’ education. This not only puts an unfair burden on residents, it also leaves some school districts grossly underfunded. 


The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted how disproportionate allocation of school funding has created an even greater challenge, as school districts try to respond to the pandemic. Beyond the stopgap measures in response to the crisis, the legislature needs to implement the Fair Funding Formula to decrease disparities in resources between districts. I will also pursue a public health strategy that will help us beat COVID-19 and send our students back to school safely.


Higher Education 

I am committed to making accessible, affordable, quality higher education a reality in Pennsylvania. We must put more investment into our state colleges and transition certain community colleges to four-year institutions so that more students have the opportunity to pursue a higher degree.